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MenuVersity - Online Restaurant Menu Ordering Software System

Educate Your Store
Take Orders Instantly

MenuVersity has a proprietary real time ordering system that sends orders instantly to your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Sign up now and start taking instant orders for your restaurant's menu or online delivery store. *New* No equipment necessary, orders sent directly to you via a phone call. Lowest price guaranteed! Click start to learn how to get started!

Free Stuff

Free domain name(www.YourRestaurant.com). Free google/bing/yahoo maps listing. Free facebook page. Free menu creation.
Free customer streams bring in more customers which brings in more Money!

Increase Revenue & Order Frequency

MenuVersity online orders are about 20% larger than typical phone orders. Plus, repeat business is dramatically higher due to the increased customer convenience.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are higher at stores that use MenuVersity. The convenience of ordering online and the accuracy of each order helps create happy customers. Happy customers are loyal customers and loyal customers order more frequently.

Eliminate Order Errors

You don't have to worry about miscommunication between your customers and staff. With MenuVersity's proprietary ordering system customers can be sure of what they are ordering. No more wasted food from misplaced orders!

Fast Implementation

Your store can start taking orders the same day you activate your account. Once you signup, we can have our design team customize your site and menu within 2-4 business days.

Dedicated Success Specialists

Your store will receive a dedicated Success Specialist to help you maximize your online ordering revenue. Think of your Success Specialist as a personal 'Online Ordering Guru' to help your store grow its takeout/delivery business. They're also here to help you configure your settings, promotions, marketing emails, and much more.

Receive Payment Directly

MenuVersity facilitates orders and payments instantly and accurately. Unlike other ordering systems, MenuVersity sends online payments directly to your store via paypal. You may also choose to have your customers pay at the store. Instead of waiting for a third-party to collect YOUR money and send you a monthly payment, you can have your online transactions sent directly to your existing paypal merchant account.